Thursday, August 01, 2002

I reached my goal of 250 km on my bike for July. So that brings me to about the 720 km mark for the year.

This week Calgary has gone from 30+ temperatures to under 15 and rain. Yesterday morning was very wet; I didn’t ride the 17 km to work. As I result I was 12 km sort of my goal. So last night at 21:30, in the wind and the cold, I did 12 km to reach 250. It’s my own fault for not doing more during the beginning of the month. In the first two weeks I did 10 km. The first week I was on vacation. If I don’t have somewhere specific to go, I’m lousy about actually getting out of the house and ridding. For example last night I took the long route to return Twisted Metal Black to BlockBuster. But if I didn’t have the game to return I doubt I would have had worked up the motivation to go out. I guess that makes me task orientated. The second week was Stampede week and the C Train was packed at night. I ride to work and take the bike on the train home. So last night found me riding in fish creek on the coldest, windiest day of the summer. Odd thing I wasn’t alone there were two other bikers there as well. They were obviously hard-core nuts to be out on a night like that.


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