Thursday, August 29, 2002

Arts round up:

We're a creative bunch here in the blogsphere. I've been surprised no one seems to be doing an arts round up. I'd like to step up to the plate, expand on that geek image of mine. I'm thinking of posting once a week on Thursday evening, so that it's here for Friday reading.

If you've posted some art, music, poetry, a short story let me know.
If you've mentioned art, music, poetry, a short story or a book let me know.

Richard Bott takes a stab at Iambic Pentameter, and does quite well.

Check out ocular confection's Ear Candy

Urban Onramps announces their film school is going on line. Looks like they need a MPEG expert.

OVERFLOW attended the road show of the Lion King the Musical, and came away impressed by how they turned traditional Broadway production values on their head.

Stranger in Strange Land reviews and links to the latest U2 single.

The Screening Room is a blog for movie reviews, first movie is Signs.

Deep :: Dirt comments on an article in Christianity Today about Dante and post modernism.

Sainteros shares some thoughts on giving, and gifts us with poetry.

So let me know if you'd like to see another round up next week.


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