Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Europe as Seen from my Phone

Rome in Between

Kim and I did just over three weeks in Europe to celebrate our 20th Anniversary. I choose not to take the laptop along. I took the SLR and shot over 11,000 pictures :) But without the laptop I couldn't post any of them. For on the road posting I relied on my Galaxy Nexus. I was impressed with what the phone could do and really enjoyed using it for my picture of the day while traveling.

Other than posting on the road, the laptop is also how I've kept from needing to buy a bunch of SD cards.  I picked up a ColorSpace from HyperDrive and put an 250 GB SSD in it.   Wasn't worried about speed, but figured an SSD could take the bumps of traveling better than a traditional drive and would go easier on the battery.  Worked like a charm.  Looks like I got one of the last ones as it's not listed on their main web page anymore.

BTW Wired had a post today Stop Arguing About Instagram and Go Make a Picture about embracing the iphone as a tool for photography.

- Peace