Monday, September 30, 2013

1700 & 1800km

Fish Creek Autumn @ 1700kmThe goal was to hit 1700km by the end of last week.  Hit 1700km this Sat on a ride through Fish Creek before heading out to run errands.

Had two flats at 1600km, then there was a cold snap, and well it just didn't flow.  Think I have the flats figured out.  I think there was a defect in the tire as I wasn't getting the pinch flats I had been getting previously.  Yet neither I nor Pedalheads could find the issue.  Still I swaped the tire and it's been 200km without a flat.  Course I'd done 300km without a flat then two in less than 5km.  Hope I have it fixed.

MacLeod Trail @ 1800kmHit 1800km tonight after work.  That means I've done 400km in Sept.  I just need to keep that pace for Oct, Nov & Dec to hit 3000km for 2013.

Will be in San Francisco for the last week of Oct, so I'll need to do 400km by the 24th.  So that's a bit faster than the pace I've set for Sept.

Next goal is 1900km on Sat during the Ride for Refuge.

- Peace

Ride for Refuge 2013

On Oct 5th I'm riding 50km with team Converge to raise money for ACT Alberta as part of the Ride for Refuge 2013.

 ACT Alberta:

  • helps victims with their immigration status
  • helps source counselling services
  • arranges emergency and long term housing and a variety of other services

My goal is to raise $500, so I'll match the first $250 in sponsorship. So please sponsor me.

 - Peace

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

1600km check!

Elbow River @ 1600kmGoal at 1500km was to hit 1600km by end of Monday.  Done!

Hit the 1600km mark on my way home after work on Monday night.

Pulled over on Elbow Drive to take this shot of the river. Thought it was better than another random road shot.

Next up 1700km by Sat.

- Peace

Friday, September 13, 2013

Half Way to 3000km

Britannia Sunset @ 1500kmAfter a great, but hectic weekend in Vancouver, I skipped a week of biking.  That wasn't the plan, but that's what happened.

Got back into things with a half day Tuesday (took the train home), and extra long ride Wed. Night (Thanks Calvin!) and a full ride Thurs.  A full day is just over 34km.

Hit the 1500km biking through Britannia Thursday night on the way home from work.  1500km is the halfway mark for 2013.  Course Mid Sept is not the halfway mark for the 2013 Calendar.

As long as I make the 1800km by the end of Sept I'll be at the rate I need hit 3000km before 2014, and I've done it before, so it's doable.

Next goal is 1600km by Monday.

- Peace

Saturday, September 07, 2013

1400km with Kendra

With Kendra @ 1400km
Last weekend I took Sarah out to UBC and hit the 1400km and it felt good.  Last year I hit the 900km mark in Vancouver while taking Sarah out to UBC.

Last year's goal was 2500km so that left me with 1600km to do after Vancouver.  This year's goal is 3000km, so that leaves me with 1600km to do after Vancouver.

Bonus: I got to take my Vancouver 100km mark shot with Kendra.  Just like last year.

- Peace