Thursday, August 08, 2002

Some thought on Who Links Who

Ian's Messy Desk is the best example of why I like Who Links Who. I was able to trace his link to the Edmonton Temple, a Salvation Army church in Edmonton. I go to a small Salvation Army church here in Calgary (South Meadows). With out Who Links Who, finding a fellow army member in the blogssphere might not have happened. I like the way Who Links Who inverts the structure of the web, by focusing on inbound links, without breaking that structure.

There is more work to do. I'd like to figure out what to do with the thousands of links that go out side of our little corner of the web. Jordon Cooper's posts on Christian subculture got me thinking about this, but it was Journeys with Tim's linking to Game Spot that convinced me it was a good idea. In WLW there is a file I don't post: otherlinks.html. It contains the thousands of links that don't match a site from the master list. I use it to debug my matching algorithm, looking for links that match those who don't get many links, (IdeaJoy for one). While going through this massive list, I came across a link to Game Spot, a site I frequent regularly. The source was Journeys with Tim. Tim has an artful way of laying out his links: Eyes, Ears, Adrenaline, Muscle, Soul, Spine and Memory. He gives the links on his site a sense of balance, completeness.

I'd like to give that same sense of balance to the overall Christian blogsphere, so we can see how we strucure our corner of the web in relationship to each other, and to rest of the world.

What you can do to help. Consider these two sentances,

Martin Roth has a thought provoking aritcle on the possible War with Iraq.


Martin Roth has a thought provoking aritcle on the possible War with Iraq .

They read the same, but look quite different in Martin's entry in Who Links Who.


PS I promise this is my last post about WLW until I add some new features. And BTW Fresh Results are up :)

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