Sunday, May 24, 2015

100, 200 and the goal for 2015

Around Stanley Park at 100kmHit the first 100km of the 2015 riding season while doing a couple of loops around Vancouver's Stanley Park on the May Long weekend.  We had gone out to Vancouver to visit Sarah.

Started the day at about the 89km mark, and finished around the 154km mark.  It's was a good day.

Dog in a Bike Basket at 200kmHit the 200km  today on the way back from Converge in Kensington.  Was stopped on the 7th St. Cycle track next to this cute dog in the bike basket.

So what's the 2015 goal?  Well last year I made it to 2100km.  I'll add 500 to that and aim for 2600km in 2015.

- Peace