Thursday, January 02, 2014

My 12 Most Interesting Photos from 2013 (so far)

My most interesting shots from 2013, of the 2013 shots that I've posted so far.  Still have many 2013 shots in the pipeline.  Waiting till I'm done would mean this list would come out in April.  So it is what it is.

Can't help but notice two trends: 6/12 of my top 2013 shots come from the week I spent in San Francisco,  4/6 of my non San Francisco shots were done while biking.

Giant Head, The Bow #1 Giant Head, The Bow: shot downtown back in April. A shot of Jaume Plensa's Wonderland at The Bow.
To Rule the Deep #2 To Rule the Deep: from our visit to the San Francisco Aquarium at the end of October.
Urban Gulls #3 Urban Gulls: Also from our trip to San Francisco Kim get's credit for spotting the gulls on the expensive sports car.  I decided to ignore the car and frame the gulls with the urban back drop of Fisherman's Wharf.  Ironic that this would make my top 12 as a local has loudly made fun of my taking pictures of gulls earlier that day.
Jackrabbit Snow #4 Jackrabbit Snow: was shot right out side our house last January
From Treasure Island #5 From Treasure Island: A wide angle night shot of San Francisco from Treasure Island.  Our night bus tour stopped there for a a very brief time.  Just had tip to get the gorilla pod set up and get this shot before the bus was leaving.
Alcatraz #6 Alcatraz: Didn't get to visit the famous prison island. Next time.
By the River @ 2600km #7 By the River @ 2600km: My second to last 100km pic from 2013 taken from the river pathway.
Colours Spinning #8 Colours Spinning: a wind ornement from a shop in San Francisco
Calgary Pre Parade #9 Calgary Pre Parade: on 9th Ave just before the Stampede Parade.  I was on my way to work.
Rocks Near the Surface #10 Rocks Near the Surface: Shots of rocks under Goat Creek tend to be popular. My most viewed shot ever is Under Goat Creek
Single Track #11 Single Track: from the not quite Goat Creek ride in October. Goat Creek had been flooded out in June, and wan't ridable by October. So we rode the Rundle River Side Trail.
Urban San Francisco #12 Urban San Francisco: A shot of the city as seen from Frisherman's Wharf.