Thursday, January 08, 2015

Hand Writing Over 10,000 Views

Hand Writing

Noticed that Hand Writing, a popular shot from 2009 had passed the 10,000 view mark.  I hadn't had a shot with over 10,000 views until Rob's Return did over 30k in a few days.

- Peace

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood Basket vs. Axe

Smiling LRRHAproaching LRRH

Did a coplay concept shoot back in April while in Portland for a Wedding.  Connected with PiggyNukka/Fungila via ModelMayhem.

Said I would love to do something unique to Portland and she suggested shooting in one of parks Portland's rainforest parks.  I had had a concept of doing a Little Red Riding Hood shoot comparing the traditional LRRH with LRRH as the one with the axe.  The concept matched her location idea so that's what we did.

Posted the first ten shots to LRRH on flickr, I think they work.  More to come.

Backgrounds in the pics done with Topaz Impression software.

- Peace

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Top Twelve Photos from 2014

My annual roundup of the top twelve shots from the previous year, as ranked by Flickr Interestingness

Rob's ReturnRob's Return: Currently ranked #3 shot of all time.  London Eye Pod is #1, Sky Canola  is #2.

Shot at Rosen Lake in Aug. Only shot from the top 12 to get it's own blog post.
Water RadishTaken just mintures after Rob's Return, Water Radish ranks #6 on my all time list. The only other picture from 2014 to break the top 10 of my +7000 pictures on flickr
On Lake Minnewanka On Lake Minnewanka: Taken in March in Banff. My top 3 shots are all lake shots. Hmmm
Shale @ 1500kmShale @ 1500km:  as the title suggests, taken at the 1500km mark for biking this year. Was coming down a logging road near lake Rosen. Same weekend as #1 & #2. It was a good weekend.
Tram into Rainbow MistTram Into Rainbow Mist:  Jasper Sky Tram  shot during an inversion.  Clear sky above us, clouds below created the rainbow effect. 
Heading Down at 700kmHeading Down at 700km: taken while descending from the Highwood Pass just before it opened for traffic in May.  My top #6 were all taken in mountain regions.   Flickr also seems to like clouds, mountains and roads. 
Rosen Lake Morning (Ultra Wide)Rosen Lake Morning (Ultra Wide): Taken in the same batch as #1 & #2, and the same weekend as #4.  Like I said good weekend.  Also, mountains, lake & clouds.
Sea of CloudsSea of Clouds: Clouds looking like a large lake.  Mountains in the distance.  How could it not be on the list?

Shot in Jasper during the same inversion as Tram into Rainbow Mist.
Stand OutStand OutSiwash Rock taken while biking  the Stanley Park Seawall in Vancouver.  Reminds me of the Hopewell Flower Pots in NB.

Clouds, mountains, path: check!

Millrise InukshukMillrise Inukshuk: a neighbour created this Inukshuk from the compacted ice that he scraped off his sidewalk.

Given it was taken in Calgary, it breaks the mountain region streak.  Still in tone it fits with many of the images to make the list.

The ice/water/water vapour (clouds) theme holds.

My only Calgary shot to make the list this year.

Waiting to CrossWaiting to Cross: a grizzly bear  waiting to cross the Icefields Parkway.  Technically a horrible shot.  I was getting dark and the settings were from an hour or so ago.  Looked black on the camera, but it's amazing what software can do.

Tonally it breaks the 2014 theme, but it has a grizzly!  It was taken in the mountains. so that holds.
Maligne Lake & Mt CharltonMaligne Lake & Mt Charlton:  from our visit to Jasper.  Also a good weekend.  As it produced four of the top twelve shots.

Clearly a return to the lake & mountains theme.