Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Free Tommy Chong

no idea what that means, just the slogan spray painted on a freight train that rolled by. Yes, I'm enjoying this wifi way too much.


sitting on a patio in GA having lunch, blogging via the community wifi. To cool.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Returning to Atlanta

Well I've had a just over a week at home. Mother nature was not too kind with cold and snow till the last couple of days. I did get 50km of biking in but that's all.

At least the spirt of Tim Hoton was smiling on me a bit:

And I had a meaningful time with friends and family, blah blah blah.

- Peace

Mobile Blog

A quick test of Diarist for the pocket pc.

- Peace

It is Finished

yeah, well it's that all right.

Are you sure that's what he said?

Thats what he said.

A flair for the dramatic, even at the end.


How's Marry?

Broken, hurting. She at my house.

She'll have to face the brothers sooner or later. 'We told you he was crazy! Dad wouldn't have let this go on!' Poor women.


Where's Thomas?

With any luck he's hunting down Judas.

You know that's not what he would have wanted.

I don't know what he wanted, or what he was thinking. Should have stayed in Samaria
Eh Peter, Peter? Hasn't said a word since yesterday morning.

We could have gone with the Greeks

yeah that would have been cool. Always wanted to see Greece.


Will one of you get the door?

The sun's barely up!

Who could it be at this ungodly hour?

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Had the Element into the dealership this morning, the aux port on the stereo that I plug my ipod into was cutting out on the righthand speakers. Cool thing is they had WiFi set up, so I could browse the web from my iPAQ while waiting. Now if only blogger didn't crash pocket IE. Will have to find some software so I can blog on the go.

- Peace

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Signs of Atlanta

While I was in Atlanta I couldn't help but notice a few of the signs

Bridge May Freeze in Winter

Are there bridges that freeze in summer? Are they mocking us northerners 'hey our bridges don't freeze every winter!'

Speed Checked by Detection Devices

Wow you just know some committee started out with something like Speed Enforced by Radar'. Then they realized they sometimes use lazzers not radar, and who knows what's coming out next year... They also may just want to monitor speed and not enforce it so...

Slow Church Ahead

I'll be taking the digital camera next time. I need a picture of this. Reminds me of the classic from Fredericton: Slow Men Working in Trees.

- Peace

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Ya Gotta Be Real

Jason Guy has started blogging. Jason is biking buddy who's moved to Edmonton, he was also one of our pastors here in Calgary. I'm adding him to the blog roll.

- Peace

Monday, March 14, 2005

Terry's Schiavo's murder begins soon

In the spirit of the Easter season, a
merciless judge will condemn an innocent to death. This time the death will be from starvation rather than crucifixion and the vicitim is not a willing participant in the whole procedure.

Michael Schiavo is claiming that his ex-wife is brain dead and wishes to die. The Judge Greer is taking this man's word despite her demonstrated ability to eat, smile, and recognize loved ones when she was receiving therapy, despite her parents' wish to assume guardianship and keep her alive, despite testimony from friends that she did NOT want to be euthanised under such circumstances, and despite her membership in the Roman Catholic Church which has always spoken against euthanasia.

While I would expect the State to grant me guardianship over my wife if she were incapacitated, I would also expect the State to revoke this privelege if I were trying to murder her.

Terry's parents also want unexplained bruises that were found on her neck when she was admitted to hospital investigated first.

Lord have mercy on us all.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

The new violence (cont.)

Well, by now you have probably heard that the Feds caught the guy who murdered four people but let a young lady go after he commandered her apartment. Strange.

I'm very happy about that--and if Georgia has the death penalty, that guy is toast--but what was fascinating to me was the way all the major TV outlets covered the post-arrest proceedings. As if they were trying to say "This time we won't let that guy out of our sight until we know the cops have him wrapped up," they all had helicopters with zoom lenses (I was waiting for the next in-air disaster) and then followed the FBI agents and the vehicles they were transporting him in and with all the way downtown.

Earlier, NBC interviewed a retired NYC judge who kept saying things like "like here in New York" when she referred to good courtroom security; she looked right at the screeen every time, as if to 'really' say, "Not like in Atlanta."

Oh, they'll try to make Mr. Nichols the big story, but when the smoke clears the bigger story will be how a guy who tried to sneak two homemade knives into court--and was caught--was allowed to stand in a side room with one female deputy after the judge--a wonderful man--had asked for more security--and then was shot to death by that same guy.

Okay, okay...I'm done with that one...for now.

--Jeff C.

Robots: a quick review

Amazing animation and some funny sight gags in search of a plot twist. Way too predictable and cliched to be worthy of the animation.

- Peace

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Eugene Peterson on Relevance

I think relevance is a crock. I don't think people care a whole lot about what kind of music you have or how you shape the service. They want a place where God is taken seriously, where they're taken seriously, where there is no manipulation of their emotions or their consumer needs.
From Spirituality for All the Wrong Reasons. If this was anyone but Peterson I would have dismissed this out of hand. But Peterson wrote the Message in accessible english that carried the emotion of the original, he thinks U2 is prophetic. He's not against being hip and cool. He's against cool as a way around the hard work of loving people one on one. It's a great article and a must read.

Thanks to Jordon for pointing it out.

- Peace


Jeff's done his first post here at IdeaJoy, so I thought I should introduce him. Jeff's one of the guys I camped with at Cornerstone 2003, he's a writer, educator, a lover of music and culture. He does one mean air guitar. He's old enough to be my Dad but listens to Fiver Iron Frenzy and speaks lovingly of seeing Lust Control live. I did have to explain the Wizard Needs Food Badly connection to Gautlet, but thems the hazards of being born too soon. He's also a jazz connoisseur, Coltrane and Felonious Monk cds are common in his office. To say Jeff loves music and literature is to say Wayne Gretzky played hockey.

Jeff's a gentle spirit who loves a good debate with a wicked sense of humor. To me Jeff's a natural blogger, so when we got together on Thursday he let me set him up an account here at IdeaJoy so he could give bloggin a try. Welcome Jeff.

- Peace

Friday, March 11, 2005

The 'new' violence

Today, metro Atlanta was held hostage by a man who appeared to be the real-life equivalent of "Grand Theft Auto."

No, this is not the case of the person we saw on "60 Minutes" last weekend who will be defended in the case of his killing police workers inside a cop shop; his lawyers will allege that the man was under the control of that scurillous video game. This is new.

The man, who may be on his way toward Alabama as I write, muscled at least one gun from a deputy inside the Fulton County courthouse this morning, shot and killed a judge and a court reporter, shot at least two other deputies (one very seriously injured), car jacked at least three vehicles, pistol-whipped an Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter in a parking ramp, and fled to who knows where.

One would begin to believe that some sort of cyber manager was pushing buttons and pulling handles somewhere far above the scene, watching all the proceedings with a sly grin.

This past week should be disconcerting to anyone paying attention to America. Yesterday, the man now believed to be the person who shot the husband and mother of a Chicago-area federal judge was found dead in a car in Milwaukee, having written a note or letter detailing his guilt.

The man in Atlanta was being held on rape charges, in accordance with several other incidents. He was being taken in for a hearing. One lady worker from the D.A.'s office had described the man as being in control--very much in control--of himself before he waged his attack.

The way violent incidents in this country replicate themselves as media coverage expands is a phenomenon that warrants more study, I think. Several years ago when the famous Columbine duo killed those students and teachers in Colorado, 'copycat' incidents occurred across the country, one notably outside of Boston and one in what was my community in Wisconsin. In both cases, the young people were galvanized by the violence and by the 'style' of it--and then created or tried to create their own version of it.

And now, are we seeing the first maligned generation of cyber murderers who are taking what they worked so hard to do on screen to the streets?

Worse yet, why is violence against those associated with the law the new trend?

For every movement, there is usually a kind of physics--a reverse "action" that nullifies the effect of the previous one. For example, while teenage pregnancy is down, oral sex is up (and, along with it, diseases of various kinds). Another example: a president is elected as a reaction for "values," but the number one TV program in the Red States is "Desperate Housewives."

Another: patriotism is up, but now violence against those who execute the law is rising.

I didn't want my first blog here to be so dour, but I can't help it; something is screwed up here. The polarization of America is beginning to show cracks in the seams. Will these new criminals become the Baby Face Nelsons of a twisted generation that is being left behind while millions are fighting wars of rhetoric?

I'll try to be more jocular next time.

--Jeff C., Dallas, GA, 3-11-05

Monday, March 07, 2005

In Atlanta

I'm in Atlanta with work. I'll be here for a couple of weeks, then back home for a week and then here for most of April and May. This feels strangely familiar, I started IdeaJoy when I was working in Toronto, too much time in a hotel room not much to do, so I started to blog.

It's also familiar in that I have friends in Atlanta I haven't see face to face for sometime and I'm looking forward to seeing them. Seeing friends and relatives was the hightlight of my Toronto trip, made it bareable, would have gone crazy with out them.

I brought the bike, I plan to ride part of Silver Commet Trail and around Stone Mountain. Since I can't make it to CJUG I'll have to make do with AJUG. I'm doing my best to adjust.

Atlanta is at the south end of the Appalachian mountains, I grew up at the north. Like back home people in Atlanta give directions in terms of left and right. The prairie ideals of north south east and west just don't apply when the roads follow the contours of the land. It's a good thing I brought my gps, it's easy to get lost here.

- Peace

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Pernel is Evil!

yeah I know you knew that, but now there is no doubt.

- Peace

Friday, March 04, 2005

Before and After

Kim shaves me one every three or four months, the change comes as quite a shock to people. I understand it the first time, but when it's the third or fourth time I find it funny that people are still shocked.

Happy Birthday Annemarrie

- Peace

Kim Won

grrr... ok I know I should be happy for her, but you know... I'm not.

To my American readers, sorry you kinda have to live hear to understand.

- Peace

Thursday, March 03, 2005


I have no idea who these two are. Ken forwarded me this email.

Dear Susan & Ken,

Here is my file with all Mom's old picts in it. These are the ones I have the originals for.


Thing is I don't have a clue who Ken is. I replied and asked what was up but he's been silent. Thought I'd share the pictures of the nurses. I hope Deb doesn't mind.

- Peace

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Picture Answer

From this original picture you can see the street lamps that got in the way of the sky line view. I was able to 'erase' them using the GIMP.

- Peace

Lift Up The Lip to Lose

It's that time of year again...