Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Mike's Spot On The Wall

  • I got a call on Monday from my aunt. I haven't heard from her in 30 years.
    She said there was some property that was being held in trust for us from my Grandfather's Will.

    You would think I would be happy about this but... I think I would have been happier if she just called because she wanted to restore ties to us.
    I want her not her property. The whole Will thing just adds a layer of tension and distrust to what should be a joyfull reuinion

Mike's Walk

  • The morning prayer group met this morning and prayed. I felt very blessed and touched

    I sometimes wonder at the wisdom that wants to use broken imperfect vessals like me to do His will. I wonder "Wouldn't it have been better if you hung around after the resurection?"
    And yet He says "It is better that I go, that the comforter will come"

    It is the very mystery of the gospel that somehow Jesus not only substitutes for us on the cross and in the grave but that we are His substitutes here on earth, filled with His spirit and responding with love.

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