Thursday, August 15, 2002 editor Donald L. Hughes’ article Focus On Links and Libel has hit a sour note with Jen over at My World As It Is Sung. I'm not fond of it either. It seems to be long on fear, short on clear examples.

I much prefer this article Libel & Defamation in the Information Age. It gives some good examples on what the courts have considered to be libel. It also not as US centric as the article by our good friend Don. The short story is stick to the facts and clearly state when you are giving opinion based on those facts.

Fact: sent me spam.
Opinion: That was rude!

As neither nor Donald L. Hughes’ have disputed any of the facts stated here on IdeaJoy, I’m not going to worry about his apparent scare tacticts.

Don seems to avoid libel worries by never stating whom he is talking about or what they have done. That is certainly playing it safe.


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