Thursday, August 29, 2002

Priest will not wed Planed Parenthood Volunteer

This was on the news last night. A priest in Medicine Hat is refusing to wed a couple because the bride-to-be, volunteers with Planed Parenthood. The woman was shocked to learn that because she disagrees with the Church she could not be wed in the Church. She was also described as being a practicing Catholic. (from the TV report)

How shocked should this woman be? I'm thinking she shouldn't be surprised. The Bishop for Southern Alberta is quoting Cannon 1398 of the code of Canon law "Anyone who is directly involved in abortion counselling may incur an automatic excommunication". Seems cut and dry. However there are priests in Calgary that teach birth control is ok, so the teachings of the Catholic Chruch are not always as clear as one would think . How much canon law is the average Catholic supposed to know? Does anyone else know of someone being disciplined for disagreeing with the Church's pro-life stand?

Just for the record, I'm pro-life. I've seen Christian friends go from being pro-choice to pro-life over time. I'm willing to accept that there are Christians who describe themselves as being pro-choice, even though I disagree with them deeply. I link to at least one from IdeaJoy.

The main discusion of this topic is over at In Between Naps. As well Pete Vere weighs in with his thoughts re: Cannon Law. My take is that this is a rare event in the Chatholic Church, and that might explain why this woman was so suprised by the priest's action. The other tidbit that came out was that the priest only found out about the connection with Planned Parenthood via an add in the paper.


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