Thursday, January 08, 2015

Hand Writing Over 10,000 Views

Hand Writing

Noticed that Hand Writing, a popular shot from 2009 had passed the 10,000 view mark.  I hadn't had a shot with over 10,000 views until Rob's Return did over 30k in a few days.

- Peace

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood Basket vs. Axe

Smiling LRRHAproaching LRRH

Did a coplay concept shoot back in April while in Portland for a Wedding.  Connected with PiggyNukka/Fungila via ModelMayhem.

Said I would love to do something unique to Portland and she suggested shooting in one of parks Portland's rainforest parks.  I had had a concept of doing a Little Red Riding Hood shoot comparing the traditional LRRH with LRRH as the one with the axe.  The concept matched her location idea so that's what we did.

Posted the first ten shots to LRRH on flickr, I think they work.  More to come.

Backgrounds in the pics done with Topaz Impression software.

- Peace

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Top Twelve Photos from 2014

My annual roundup of the top twelve shots from the previous year, as ranked by Flickr Interestingness

Rob's ReturnRob's Return: Currently ranked #3 shot of all time.  London Eye Pod is #1, Sky Canola  is #2.

Shot at Rosen Lake in Aug. Only shot from the top 12 to get it's own blog post.
Water RadishTaken just mintures after Rob's Return, Water Radish ranks #6 on my all time list. The only other picture from 2014 to break the top 10 of my +7000 pictures on flickr
On Lake Minnewanka On Lake Minnewanka: Taken in March in Banff. My top 3 shots are all lake shots. Hmmm
Shale @ 1500kmShale @ 1500km:  as the title suggests, taken at the 1500km mark for biking this year. Was coming down a logging road near lake Rosen. Same weekend as #1 & #2. It was a good weekend.
Tram into Rainbow MistTram Into Rainbow Mist:  Jasper Sky Tram  shot during an inversion.  Clear sky above us, clouds below created the rainbow effect. 
Heading Down at 700kmHeading Down at 700km: taken while descending from the Highwood Pass just before it opened for traffic in May.  My top #6 were all taken in mountain regions.   Flickr also seems to like clouds, mountains and roads. 
Rosen Lake Morning (Ultra Wide)Rosen Lake Morning (Ultra Wide): Taken in the same batch as #1 & #2, and the same weekend as #4.  Like I said good weekend.  Also, mountains, lake & clouds.
Sea of CloudsSea of Clouds: Clouds looking like a large lake.  Mountains in the distance.  How could it not be on the list?

Shot in Jasper during the same inversion as Tram into Rainbow Mist.
Stand OutStand OutSiwash Rock taken while biking  the Stanley Park Seawall in Vancouver.  Reminds me of the Hopewell Flower Pots in NB.

Clouds, mountains, path: check!

Millrise InukshukMillrise Inukshuk: a neighbour created this Inukshuk from the compacted ice that he scraped off his sidewalk.

Given it was taken in Calgary, it breaks the mountain region streak.  Still in tone it fits with many of the images to make the list.

The ice/water/water vapour (clouds) theme holds.

My only Calgary shot to make the list this year.

Waiting to CrossWaiting to Cross: a grizzly bear  waiting to cross the Icefields Parkway.  Technically a horrible shot.  I was getting dark and the settings were from an hour or so ago.  Looked black on the camera, but it's amazing what software can do.

Tonally it breaks the 2014 theme, but it has a grizzly!  It was taken in the mountains. so that holds.
Maligne Lake & Mt CharltonMaligne Lake & Mt Charlton:  from our visit to Jasper.  Also a good weekend.  As it produced four of the top twelve shots.

Clearly a return to the lake & mountains theme.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Good Lie Review

The marketing of the Good Lie creeps me out.  A story of the Lost Boys of Sudan has Reese Witherspoon's air brushed photo on the cover.  The trailer above is a great example of this, it has 90% of her dialog from the entire movie.  That makes up most of the trailer, it is a minor part of the movie.

If you get past the Hollywood wrapper you get understated look at strangers in a strange land that has sublime moments of just how strange America is.  This isn't a polished movie, the plot threads don't come together perfectly, and we don't see the resolution of everyone's story.  But a polished RomCom approach wouldn't have fit this story, though from the trailer you know someone really wanted it to be a RomCom.

The heart and soul of The Good Lie are the Lost Boys played by actual Lost Boys.  Their authenticity  overcomes the Hollywood trapping that want to undermine this movie.  Despite my deep reservations about so much of the movie, the honesty and charm of the three main characters won me over.  I really enjoyed the The Good Lie.

The Good Lie could have been, maybe should have been a darker more complex movie, but then I doubt the story would have found the audience it has.  The Lost Boys of Sudan is a story that deserves an audience and The Good Lie is a safe feel good introduction.

Full disclosure: I was given a copy of the Blue Ray/DVD combo to review.  I was also given a copy to give away.  The Good Lie comes out on Blue Ray/DVD Today [Dec 23]

- Peace

Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Most Interesting and Viewed Photo on Flickr

Rob's Return
Converge (my faith community) went out to Rosen Lake for a weekend retreat.  I left early morning Sat. and stopped to take some shots of mist rising in the foothills of southern Alberta .  Was happy with the results so made a mental note to get up early on Sunday and take pictures of Rosen Lake.

While shooting the lake, noticed Rob out for an early morning fishing expedition in his canoe, and took some shots of him.  Liked the results, even mentioned to Rob and Stacy (our hosts) that there might be something there worth doing a print of.

Posted three shots of Rob in the canoe to flickr Tuesday night.  Got a couple of responses from my contacts, which were appreciated and went to bed.

Woke up Wed morning to find that the shot Rob's Return was now my most viewed photo in my nine years of posting to flickr.  The previous #1 Under Goat Creek has 9,762 views.  Most of that 9700 was thanks to weeks of it bouncing around on various tumbler blogs.    I was thinking I should blog it when it passed the 10k mark as it would be my first picture to do so.

In less than 48 hours Rob's Return now has over 31k views.  It reached 28 on flickr's leader board of the top 500 pictures of the day.  Seeing the quality of the other pictures in the list is quite humbling.

Rob's Return was also my most interesting picture of all time, when I checked the stats last night. However 2008's Sky Canola is back on top this morning.  Flickr's interestingness algorithm is a strange beast.

I don't know what all this means, but I enjoy it more than I like to admit.

- Peace

Thursday, August 28, 2014

1500km on a BC Mountain

Shale @ 1500km Hit the 1500km mark coming down the switch backs on the mountain just west of Rosen Lake.  Drove up once with the Element, didn't get very far, got stuck, thanks to Paul and Bo for getting me unstuck.  Engineers can be so helpful :) Bo & KK, drove the Element down, while Paul and I raced down - wheeee!

Rob lent us his Jeep and Paul, Amy & I tried for the summit again on Sunday.  Ran out of time, but still had a ton of fun driving the Wrangler up the switchbacks.  Paul was kind enough to drive it back down and warn the oncoming ATVs that I was behind on my bike.  It was a blast.  Wheee!

If all goes according to plan, I'll hit 1600km on the way to work tomorrow, then hit 1700km by Monday while in Vancouver.

- Peace

Saturday, August 16, 2014

1400km two days late

1400km on Elbow DriveHad a couple of low sleep nights that lead to days without biking.  So not a big surprise that I missed my goal of hitting 1400km on Wed by two days.

Broke a bike post in Fish Creek park this morning cutting a planned trail ride shot.  So we'll see when I make 1500km.

- Peace

Saturday, August 09, 2014

1300km down, 1400km by Wed?

Spruce Meadows @ 1300kmDid 30km ride on 22x this morning hitting 1300km near Spruce Meadows. Next goals are to hit 1400km by Wed and 1500km by Sat.

 - Peace

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Catching Up on KM

With Mike at 1200kmHit the 1200km mark yesterday with Mike.  We rode the canal pathway out to Chestermere then came back on Highway 1a / 17ave SE.

The 1200km mark was on the way back, not cool shot of the canal, so I decided to go heavy on the photo  processing.  I think it works.

Will ride the canal pathway again, will have to take some pictures of it as there's nothing else in Calgary quite like it.

Wheel and Clouds @ 1100kmThose who have been paying attention will know that the last KM mark I blogged was 900km at the end of June.  So what happened to July?  Well a ton of stuff, just not much bike related.  I hit 1100 km on the 20th and before that I hit 1000km on July 8th.  Did less than 300km in July. So what's that do for my yearly goal?
Waffles & Chix @ 1000km

Not much, obviously. So the pressure is on for Aug. I'd really like to be at 1900km by Labour Day . Last year I did 1300km after Labour Day, 1900 + 1300 km = 3200km and that's my 2014 goal. 3200km is 500km more that I did in 2013, so it's not unreasonable to say some of that 500km should come at the end of the year, so 1800km by Labour Day would be OK too. Less that that and I'll be worried.

- Peace