Saturday, February 07, 2015

First Three Interesting Photos of 2015

I have a simple Groovy script that reads the flickr search api and tells me when photos break into my Top 500 in terms of interestingness.   (They really should update that page, there is no way it's a new feature.)

At the start of each year, I have this fear that I won't shoot anything interesting this year.  So it was relief when I ran the script today and three pictures from 2015 had made the top 500.

Spray Lakes by Moonlight

Drove up to the spray lakes to take a shot of the Lights of Canmore, while there I spun around and took a shot of the north end of the Spray Lakes Reservoir.  It was a full moon or close to it, but the moon was behind the misty clouds that acted like a big diffuser.  This was an 8 second tripod exposure at 200 ISO.

Had been warm that day, but temperature had dropped to -15 or so and the ice was cracking loudly.  Freaky.

Spray Lakes by Moon Light
Lights of Canmore

The reason we had driven up the Spray Lakes was for this view.  Had shot something similar, free hand with my point & shoot as a 100km shot post Goat Creek in 2013. Knew it would be better with the K5-IIs and a tripod.

Didn't know how the fact that it was snowing in Canmore would affect the shot, would we be able to see the town at all?  Still you don't know if you don't try.  Glad we did, the snow above the town created a wonderful glow.

Lights of Canmore
Mixed Space

A shot of the underside of Macleod Trail where it crosses Fish Creek Park.

Used a couple of different filters to contract the natural and the concrete in the space.
Mixed Space