Monday, February 25, 2013

Game Night at Nathalie's

Game Night from Nathalie Babineau-Griffiths on Vimeo.  Nathalie did a time lapse, I was sitting near the camera. We played Dominion, Munchkin and more Dominion.

 - Peace

Friday, February 22, 2013

300km in Millrise

300km in Millrise Got a cold in early Feb that just hung around for weeks.  Nothing too bad, but enough to keep me off the bike.  Got out today and thanks to the bonus km I did in Jan hit the 300km for the year.  The plan calls for being at 400km by the end of Feb.  100km in six days shouldn't be too bad.

- Peace

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Venice Top 4 Shots + 1

We had four nights in Venice. I took 2978 shots, published 110 of them to flickr.  Of those 10 made it to my Most Interesting of 2012 set.  Here are the top 4 shots and 1 that I loved that flickr didn't.

Side CanalSide Canal

An iconic Venetian moment caught as we passed this side canal on a water bus.  Even caught a bit of Venetian litter in the lower left corner.

I'm guessing it's the strong lines that drew people into this picture. 
Glass FireGlass Fire

The island of Murano is famous for it's glass-work.  This is a peice of public art on the island that I shot with my Lensbaby.

I think the Lensbaby blur suggests the movement of fire.

Lucked out with the clouds making such a great background.
Reflecting CanalReflecting Canal

Did as late night walk about to see what I could find.  This is my top night shot.  I think it looks very industrial, so I'm a bit surprised that this did as well as it did.

Smoking in the ShadowSmoking in the Shadow
I have mixed feelings about this, cause I'm not trying to make smoking look cool.  We were stuck by how much smoking there is in Europe and so I wanted to reflect that reality.

Just happened to come across a fashion shoot on the island of Burano.  I loved how the wind caught her dress.  Was surprised that this didn't get more attention.  One of the other shots from the shoot did make the Most Interesting of 2012 set.

The people running the shoot didn't chase us tourist photographers off, and were very friendly to us.  It made my day.

I took over 11,000 photos in Europe last summer. I am currently publishing photos from our time in Rome. You can see my most interesting shots from London and Paris.