Friday, August 16, 2002

Go for the Wake, stay for Alice Cooper

Thinking Out Loud has taken down the LeaderBoard. For those new to this corner of the web, the LeaderBoard ranked sites based on the number of links they got from other sites on Martin Roth's Semi Definiative list of Christian Blogs. You know, back in the day.

The LeaderBoard inspired Who Links Who. When I first started bloging I didn't have SiteMeter set up in such a way as it could track vistitors by Referer. So when we got a score of 2 on the LeaderBoard, I had no idea where they came from. I realized that the LeaderBoard program had to know in order to generate the LeadBoard, it just wasn't designed to display the information.

I sent this poorly worded email

Wed Jul 17 22:24:56 2002
To: "caschwar"
Subject: Leader Board

Hey what a great idea.

Just wondering what about a details page where you list all the found
links, I would love to find out where my two links came from.

sometheing like


Well I didn't hear back, turns out Craig had other things on his plate. I started playing with the idea in Java, and that's how WLW was born. But it was because the LeaderBoard was out there first. So go over there and pay homage. And while you are there check out Thinking Out Loud's thoughts on Alice Cooper.


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