Monday, August 12, 2002

Someone gave us a 9/10 at Thank you :) Personally though, I prefer compliments and insults in the comments, then we know what we are doing right or wrong. That and a link from your blogroll :) Yes I'm just that easy to please.

Also we also made the FAQ at blogs4God. The entry reads:

The "glasses" icon indicates the moderator of a section, and in very special cases someone who has made a significant contribution for the rest of us: ie: Martin Roth or Idea Joy.

Which is obviously a mistake, as Martin clearly has glasses and we don't. It was a nice thought, while it lasted. Oh wait, it's problably meant as a contrast. Yes that makes more sense. ;)


PS it's IdeaJoy, one word, it's a Java thing.
PSS note to Mean Dean, can we get the search forms to use Get instead of Post? Don't make me quote the HTTP spec on why.
PSSS yes I'm feeling silly, our project at work made it into production today :)

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