Monday, April 18, 2011

Vote Spliting: a Corruption of Democracy

The NDP are up in the polls so we're hearing about vote splitting. From
Despite Michael Ignatieff's efforts to paint a vote for the NDP as a vote for Stephen Harper — something pollster Darrell Bricker said has been a Liberal strategy since the 2004 — things are different this election.
When a politician says a vote for X is a vote for Y, what they are really saying is: our voting system is corrupted.  If you vote X it will be counted as Y.  If they said it was because we couldn't trust officials with Election Canada, it would be a clear case of corruption.  There would be calls for reform, not just advice not to vote for X.

Why then does our system get a free pass?   If our system doesn't count our votes they way we vote it's the system that is corrupt.   Our system is corrupt - that's the only way anyone could say that a "NDP vote is a vote for Stephen Harper".  When politicians warn of vote splitting, they should be asked how they would fix the system so people get the government they vote for.

Michael Ignatieff should be trying to fix corruption, not trying to benefit from it.

- Peace

Friday, April 01, 2011

Gmail Gets Motion Control

Looking forward to using this.

- Peace