Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Most Interesting and Viewed Photo on Flickr

Rob's Return
Converge (my faith community) went out to Rosen Lake for a weekend retreat.  I left early morning Sat. and stopped to take some shots of mist rising in the foothills of southern Alberta .  Was happy with the results so made a mental note to get up early on Sunday and take pictures of Rosen Lake.

While shooting the lake, noticed Rob out for an early morning fishing expedition in his canoe, and took some shots of him.  Liked the results, even mentioned to Rob and Stacy (our hosts) that there might be something there worth doing a print of.

Posted three shots of Rob in the canoe to flickr Tuesday night.  Got a couple of responses from my contacts, which were appreciated and went to bed.

Woke up Wed morning to find that the shot Rob's Return was now my most viewed photo in my nine years of posting to flickr.  The previous #1 Under Goat Creek has 9,762 views.  Most of that 9700 was thanks to weeks of it bouncing around on various tumbler blogs.    I was thinking I should blog it when it passed the 10k mark as it would be my first picture to do so.

In less than 48 hours Rob's Return now has over 31k views.  It reached 28 on flickr's leader board of the top 500 pictures of the day.  Seeing the quality of the other pictures in the list is quite humbling.

Rob's Return was also my most interesting picture of all time, when I checked the stats last night. However 2008's Sky Canola is back on top this morning.  Flickr's interestingness algorithm is a strange beast.

I don't know what all this means, but I enjoy it more than I like to admit.

- Peace