Sunday, August 04, 2002

Who Links Who

I've just posted Who Links Who. It is like the Leader Board, only it shows where the scores come from. So for each site you can see who created the link that created the score. I hope this gives more insight into the strucure of linking going on between Christian blogs, than a simple pecking order. I used the latest copy I could find of Martin Roth's list of links. Hopefully blogs4God will create a simple, no other links, list all feature or an XML RPC api. The source page I used is here. Runing WLW on my PII 300 took 18 minutes 55 seconds.

I found playing with WLW an interesting way to surf. Take a well known blog like Jordan Cooper and surf the sites that link to him. It's a cool way to discover lesser know blogs. (like us)

PS this is some very early software, just a few hours of work, I know there are bugs. But I believe in release early, release often.

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