Saturday, June 25, 2005

Why On Earth (Or Elsewhere) Am I Enjoying Christian Rock?

Self described secular humanist and a diehard shoe-gazer Daphne Carr explains why she likes some Christian bands. Love the last paragraph in the article

If there's anything Sufjan Stevens has learned from Christian rock's lectures, or for that matter from 2,000 years of Christian narrative, it's that the best mix of sacred and secular comes by contextualizing lived experience, offering narratives of God's impact on broken lives rather than open-ended invitations to be part of the story. In his songs, the faithful doubt and doubters are not cast aside. There's a place for the dismayed secularist, perhaps even a chance to strike up a chat with a boy in a hoodie about the seemingly irreconcilable gulf between Christian rock's intentions and the alternative nation's focus on resulting aesthetic objects. Now that there's good Christian rock, it's an argument worth having.

Story as seen on Thunderstruck.

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