Thursday, June 23, 2005

Things I learned from my bike

At PedalHead the phrase "If you're not falling you're not ridding hard enough" is quite common. I've been thinking about falls. Nobody aims to fall, everyone does. Yes even Al of PedalHead fame, I've seen it happen. Falls can be celebrated, but we also try out best to avoid them. There's an easy way not to fall - don't ride; but that's missing the point.

I'm thinking this is a close match to sin in my life. We're called to love, and I fall short all the time. It's tempting to focus on sin avoidance by withdrawing from life and love, but that's missing the point. If I deny that I sin I'm liar. I can celebrate my sin but I'm called to love not sin.

- Ride on

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Richard said...

Nice analogy. It helps illustrate how repeated failure can occur despite earnest effort. When dealing with repeated failure many people, myself included, fall into one of two traps: to deny the seriousness of sin, or to judge someone's efforts as insincere.

Jesus addresses this perfectly with the phrase "neither do I condemn thee, go thou and sin no more" - but we seem to only hear one half of the phrase at a time.

Not even Master Yoda with all his midichlorins was able to grasp this truth. He was still stuck with "do or do not - there is no try".