Monday, June 27, 2005

Cornerstone or Bust

Element is fuled and packed
IPod play list has been set
Bikes are loaded
Tent has been set up cleaned up and repacked
Idenity Papers, check
US Cash, check
Route ploted and printed

Ok we're good to go. See you in Ten days. Will be camping on the north side of this lake near Bushnell IL. It's Cornerstone 2005.

Mike, Richard, Kris post something eh? I may or may not be able to post from the road.

- Peace


Nav said...

Have fun Dave! See you at the end of August:)

timsamoff said...

Awesome... Look for the Flaming Fish/Ballistic Test booth and tell 'em I said "hi." ;)

Have a great time!

Roy Jacobsen said...

Well, Dave and Sarah made it as far as Fargo. They said they'd brought the rain with them; hope it eases off before they have to set up camp.

You can see their picture at my blog:

Lisa said...


Maybe next year we'll see you there. I'll just have to be happy for you and sit at home reliving old cornerstone memories. Be safe, keep the pictures coming, and stop at the i-180 truck stop buffet for me on the way home! Mmmm, biscuits & gravy...