Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Book Tag

Been Taged by Wendy and Steve to blog some books.

How many books do I own? If we count comic books it might be as high as 500. I started giving my pulp scifi to the Thrift store, other wise that number would be higher. Stuff like New Jedi Order, Left Behind and way too many Star Trek books.

Last book I bought: The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy Omnibus by Douglas Adams. It's for Sarah. She made it through my failing aprart paperback version of H2G2 that I got back in High School and she would like to read the rest of the trilliogy in five parts.

Five books that mean something to me, I'm keeping this to 5 cause we all have lives to live.

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. First CS Lewis book I read durring the summer between grades 6 and 7. Aslan as loving, powerful and wild was helped has a unified view of the God in scripture where many people see a divide between new and old testement. I've since read all of Lewis's fiction and most if not all of his religious writings. If Sarah had been a boy, his middle name would have been Aslan.

Leap Over a Wall:Earthy Spirituality for Everyday Christians, reflections on the Life of David, First book I read by Peterson other than the Message. He's become a favorite of mine. He teaches us how to read scripture of Nartive, not by talking about Nartive but by showing us what's happening in the Naritive. Naritive is the normative pattern in scripture so if we're not reading it that way we're missing a great deal. I also love Peterson's continual call for us to lead a spiritual life that is relational, incarnational, spiritual, ordinary, and a Holiness that is fully alive. Too bad I suck at all those things, but then Peterson reminds us that God loves to work with the low and despised. It was Poul Mark who first mentioned this book to me, thanks man.

Foundation's Edge , first book I read by Issac Asimov . First 'hard scifi' that I read. I remember picking this up on a vaction in PEI in March, grade 9 I think. There's not much to do in PEI in March, way too much snow and no ski hills. I went on to read all of Asminov's fiction. The zeroth law, the logical conclution of his famous three laws of robotics, made me a life long skeptic of morality based on reason alone.

Virtual Light, first book I read by William Gibson. Picked it up at a garage sale for $1 in Edmonton. I've gone back and read all his stuff as well. Gibson has a limited range of concepts and architypes that he plays with, but he's like a colydiscope that reagranges them in brillant paterns each time. He's facination with those living at the edge of society and technollogy resonates with me.

Design Patterns, by the Gang of Four. Was given this by a Dr. Richard Johnstone, the only Ausie man I ever kissed. I was a jr. developer when I read this, just starting with Java. I read it slowly over a year. Not only did it help my code, but helped me learn from others by watching for their patterens. I've recomended it to all my programing students.

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