Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Searching for the Joy – 10

De 27:7 – “And you are to make your peace-offerings, feasting there with joy before the Lord your God.”

Here again the offering and feast with joy are brought together. Matthew Henry in his commentary points out that they were not yet in full possession of Canaan when this was written. I always find this difficult the now and the not yet aspect of the gospel. He has made us new creatures yet I still have the appetites and desires of the old creature. Still God’s desire is for us to celebrate in Him and see with eternal eyes that it has been accomplished already.


Nav said...

No matter what, God loves us. Some days I wonder how He can love me...especially when I keep sinning the same sins over and over! Old habits die hard.

p.s. I don't think I'm making sense

Dave King said...

Nav, the strugle to accept God's grace is common to just about everyone I know.

- Peace

Michael said...

Ditto, that's why I started this whole search.

Richard said...

Nav, the struggle with habitual sin and the temptation to fall into despair or indifference haunts almost every Christian man I know.

Unfortunately, the Scriptures spend precious little time dealing directly with this challenge.

Fortunately, many excellent Christian authors and pastors can give solid support and direction in this area.