Thursday, June 09, 2005

Searching for the Joy - 11

De 28:47 - "Because you did not give honour to the Lord your God, worshipping him gladly, with joy in your hearts on account of all your wealth of good things;"

This is a part of a prophetic warning of what would happen when Israel sinned
(and they did, and it did).

Why does God punish?
I can tell from my own experience three good reasons (there's probably plenty more for me to learn): (1) because it turns me back to Him (nothing gets my attention like pain). (2) because all children need discipline (He chastises those He loves). (3) because I've hurt Him. (It's not like I was some pagan who didn't know where my good fortune came from. I know and I'm responsible for knowing.)

So where is the joy?
I have to admit I find it hard when I'm being chastened to like it.
I guess I better ask for help with this one.
Lord even when I'm in your discipline I want Your help to turn to You rather than from You. You are the only one who can wash my sins away. You are the only one who can restore my joy.

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