Sunday, September 22, 2002

The way over due
Arts Round Up

So much for shedding my geek image by delving into the arts....

One of the best parts of the Fellowship of the Rings movie was how Bag End was brought to the screen. So it should be no shock that I consider Bag End rendered in Lego art. Read the Slashdot story.

On the Fantasy Theam, Credenda takes a has an article titled Most Real Fantasy. Thanks to Blessed Are the Hungry for the link to Credenda.

GK Chesterson on Science Fiction. I've met some Trekers to whom this quote would apply.

Johny Baker thinks the GeenBelt Festival blog is off to a good start.

The New Aether Chronicle Review takes a good hard look at The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

How Now Brown Pau raises a "defiant fist to the poststructural utopias of new media philosophers".

I love art in unexpected places. I'd have to say this 404 page at the Aglican Church of Canada web site counts as unexpected . Thanks to Ellen for pointing it out. By the way not Ellen's new domain name:

Is an ordinary day art? Does it matter? The Upward Way Press shares some thought on enjoying ordinary days.

In closing, go get Lost in the Waves, a poem by Dan Hues.


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