Thursday, September 12, 2002

Thanks to Richard Bott for the encouragement. Here is this week's
Arts Roundup

Joy of Tech has replayed a moving image they created in the wake of 9/11. I had that image as my wallpaper for part of last year.

What in Tarnation? gets way too organized for the upcoming TV season. Confession: I'm looking forward to the Alias season opener.

Soul Glow links to an article titled The Gosple According to Homer.

Jordon Cooper reviews the book The Gospel According to the Simpsons over at TheOoze. BTW how do you pronounce that is is The Ooze or Theo Oze? Is it Lynux or Linux?

hotdogblog posts on the real story behind the movie Hardball.

Marshill review reviews a collection of early singles from The Man in Black, Johnny Cash. The Johny Cash and One Bad Pig rendition of Man in Black is a personal favorite. As is Johnny Cash covering One by U2.

Xavier+ points us into deep space to gaze at the Eye of the Dragon

Closer to home, relatively speaking, I'll point you to the Fall in Pennsylvania web site. Having grown up in the north east end of the Appellation Mountains, I miss the vibrant colors of fall. Alberta has many great things, fall isn't one of them, too brief, no red.

Berek Qinah Smith shares his insights on the cultural significance of Bach in Japan


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