Sunday, September 08, 2002

some random thoughts on a sad anniversary

A year ago today, at age 59, my dad lost his fight with cancer and left this world to go to his home, to the reward that awaits anyone who will accept the grace God's wants to give. Dad did not worry about himself, he knew where he was going. He did worry about us, his family – my Mom especially, how we would make out with out him. In that sense I'm glad he passed away on September the 8th and not say a week latter. The event's of September the 11th would have been a burden on his last few days. He would have worried about the type world we would be left to deal with, a world he was leaving.

I miss him a great deal. One of the things I realized I've lost is getting to know my Dad as an adult. We'd really just started that process, and it was cut short, way too soon. His passing away at age 59 raises the very really possibility that at 31, I am past middle age. A sobering thought. I'd like to say it's taught me not to put things off. I was working on goodbye letter to my dad when he died. We thought he had six months left, but it was less than six weeks. I'd like to say that I've learned to do important things now, but I just learned this morning that a lady from our church that I've meant to visit in a nursing home, passed away suddenly early Saturday morning.

There are things that I'm thankful for. The time we had together, a close friend lost his Dad when he was 12. Friends of Mom and Dad's in Edmonton who have stayed close friends with Mom over this last year. It's not uncommon that when a spouse passes a way that couple friends fade away. So I'm thankful for this couples friendship and faithfulness.

I wish I could convey more of what my Dad meant to me, and to us as a family, but at the moment I just don't have the words.


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