Friday, September 20, 2002

Home sweet Blog

It’s been a good new/bad news week. The good news is that I’ve been billable this week. I’m back at my favorite client site. The bad news is that Kim, Sarah and I have been fighting a vicious head cold. So after work, I haven’t had much energy.

What energy I did have, I spent hanging out at another blog. Bene Diction hints at what I was up to. I’ll post something about it, if get the ok from those involved. But let me say it ended well.

I did do an Arts Round this week, up but was too sick to post last night. Will post it when I get home tonight.

Thanks to Sarah for running Who Links Who for me today. I didn’t run it before leaving the house this morning. So I called Sarah and talked her through running it. WLW is so simple even a 9 year old can run it. Sarah and Kim have the day off due to Parent Teacher interviews.


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