Friday, September 06, 2002

Arts Round Up

cause Ellen said "yes please!".

Conertstone Festival has posted video clips form this summer's performances. The Five Iron Frenzy clip is too funny. There is also a clip from U2's Bono speaking on the issues facing Africa and asking people to visit the Debt, AIDS, Trade in Africa website.

Poet Warrior posts his ten favorite movie scenes.

I'm not sure it's art, but it's pure pop culture. Ultraman fans come out of the closest at hotdogblog.

Still on the pop culture beat, the homeless guy blogs on Spock, God and illogic.

Conertstone Magazine has a review by John Trott of "Open Enbrace" by Sam and Bethany Torode. The book is on birth control, the review isn't friendly. John does have some things to say on poetry and symbols and their role in the Christian life.

Stranger in Strange Land shares her favorite love poem and points to discussion on poetry.

Richard Bott has a powerful retelling of a familiar parable. Warning not for the feint of heart.

emergent downunder has a juxtaposed version of the Lord's Prayer.

What in Tarnation? is wondering what to do with the Screening Room.


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