Monday, August 22, 2005

DVD Tip: Use subtitles when commentary is on

I'm not a big fan of most DVD commentaries, cause they talk over the dialog in the show. My Big Fat Greek Wedding being a notable exception. Last night while starting to watch Firefly: Out of Gas with the director's commentary on; it dawned on me to turn to go back and turn on the subtitles. Much better, I could follow enough of the show to remember what the director was talking about.

- Peace

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Richard said...

Read your original Big Fat Greek Wedding post. The "male character without a major character flaw" reminds me of a general trend in movie and television entertainment when it comes to men. Greek wedding aside, most of the men are either:

1. womanizers (James Bond)
2. violent (Rambo)
3. stupid (Homer Simpson)
4. incompetent (Tim the Tool Man)
5. stalkers
6. invisible / absent
7. gay

The fathers in Bend it like Beckham seem like an exception to that trend as well.