Sunday, February 16, 2003

Just watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding DVD with the commentary on. I gave it to Kim for Valentines, She watched twice on Friday, once with me and once without. So when she wanted to watch it again today I suggested, somewhat out of desperation, giving the commentary a try. I've never made it more than 15 minutes watching a DVD with the commentary.

It was thoroughly enjoyable. Nia Vardalos has so much personally invested in this movie, she wrote and stared in a movie about her life, that her commentary adds a richness and warmth to an already fantastic movie.

A sample of things that stood out from the commentary.

Yes she has 27 cousins - at least 6 of them are named Nick
Her father is smarter than Gus, he isn't as easily fooled by his wife's schemes
The idea that Ian loves Tula because she is different was a surprise to her. I thought that the first time I saw the movie
She's shocked that people have a hard time accepting Ian as a male character without a major flaw.

If you rent the DVD I recommend planing enough time to watch it with the commentary on.


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