Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Spare ¢ for Ninja Lessons

Street Humor I thought this guy's sign was brilliant. Most panhandler signs are tales of woe, this guy's sign read: Friend killed by Ninjas. Spare ¢ for Ninja Lessons. An outrageous take on the woe is me sign. He saw my camera and hid his sign, so I told him I'd pay him for the shot. He put it back and I snappedd the shot. I then paid him $3, and he was happy with that. Ssaid he'd use it to buy lunch. I guess Ninja's only work for small change.

I took a few pics of street people on Sunday. One is was a guy sleeping under a tree at Western Canada High School. And the other was a couple of guys on a bench in the park with a guitar. I wondered about taking the pics, I don't want to be voyeuristicc with other peoples pain and difficulty. However to exclude the homelesss from my shots of17th ave would have made them invisible and that's just too easy to do. I went with the 'if it's interesting to me, I take the shot' rule. It's the same rule I used for everything, everyone else.

- Peace

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Neely said...

That's a great sign - although anything that says ninja is pretty funny. Those were great pictures you took of Western :)