Friday, August 19, 2005

Pope John Paul II considered Billy Grahm a Brother

Billy Graham had never met a pope until John Paul II invited him to Rome in 1981. Ushered into the papal apartments by the Vatican's famous Swiss Guard, Graham marveled at the pomp. He and the pope chatted like long-lost friends for half an hour, swapping photos, gifts, and travel stories. Before Graham left, John Paul II reached over, clutched Graham's thumb, and told him, "We are brothers."

[Christianity Today]

I wish more of us on both sides of the Cathlolic Protestant divide could follow John Paul II and Billy Graham's example in how to get along.

- Peace

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Richard said...

Perhaps the greatest obstacle to improved Catholic-Protestant relations: A man can only be tolerant where he be indifferent.

A disturbing reality which plagues all but the best of us.