Thursday, August 04, 2005

Searching for the Joy - 23

2Sa 6:15 - "So David and all the men of Israel took up the ark of the Lord with cries of joy and sounding of horns."

I was a long time Calgary resident and as such I was a big, (and might I say die-hard) Calgary Flames fan. This was a pretty disappointing proposition because in those years our rival city, Edmonton, practically owned the Stanley Cup. Then, one year, it finally happened. We won the cup. There was a huge celebration on the ice as the players took turns skating the huge cup around the rink. The entire town went berserk and people literally danced in the street.

This is what it must have been like; the great symbol of God’s presence with the children of Israel entering at last the king’s city.

Where’s the Joy
I should remember that I have a symbol too, a cross. A symbol that He loves me, was willing to pay anything for me. I should be dancing.


Dave King said...

Amen and welcome back.

- Peace

Michael said...

Thanks Dave.
It's good to be back.