Friday, August 26, 2005

Prototyping Blues

See if this situation rigs a bell: a manager tells you to build a proof of concept to test the look and feel of a new application. You hack for a week straight, day and night, producing some of the ugliest code you have ever seen to make the Big Demo. After all of your hacking, the meeting is a huge success and everyone loves your prototype. Then someone asks you how long until the application is deployed. You respond with a reasonably worked estimate of six to nine months. The feeling in the room quickly changes like someone just stopped the music in a bad 80s show. No one understands why its going to take nine months to build something that they already see in front of them. No one is happy anymore. Uh-oh.

from Interaction Happens: Prototyping Techniques
by Jonathan Simon

That's a leson I learned early, where the client didn't understand why it would take three months to build a system they 'saw' after three days of prototyping. Good to know I'm not alone.

- Peace


Richard said...

Reminds me of the ProtoTry Resign Pattern.

My favorite resign patterns are absolver, stake, fallacy method, and detonator.

Katrina said...

Great info. I've now subscribed to this blog feed so I can access it within my design prototyping site. This will make your blog one click away for me.