Thursday, August 04, 2005

Real Curves?

in the end, you simply can't sell a beauty product without somehow playing on women's insecurities. If women thought they looked perfect -- ?just the way they are -- why would they buy anything?

These Dove ads say it's cool to be round and hefty ... so long as your skin is taut and firm and perfect. But what's that, you say? You love your real curves, but you've got a little cellulite? Girl, run out and buy our hocus-pocus cream right now! Those cottage cheese thighs are vile! Dear God, cover them up!
from When Tush Comes to Dove By Seth Stevenson, a good article on Dove's new add campaign.

- Peace


Arun said...

Good blog!
We never come to recognise the truth in the verse" Beauty is deceitful and Charm is deceptive"

When we become so conscious of our inside beauty of our heart which attracts God, I guess these fellas ll quit advertising.

Just a random thought of how I define outward beauty,

Symmetrical assembly of masses of flesh distributed over the connection of bones to produce a decent appearance.

I believe God will never be impressed with that, as He know what they are!

Nice blog! Mate

Richard said...

"If women thought they looked perfect -- ?just the way they are". Easier said than done my friend. And I don't think men or women are to blame for this.

Many, many, MANY, years ago (I think/hope almost all the pictures are lost by now...), a friend convinced me to dress as a woman for Halloween. She put me in a nice, modest dress and gave me some pretty stylish curls in my hair.

As soon as the women's clothes went on, I felt immediately self-conscious about my bulging tummy, my fat bum, and my thick thighs. It was an oppressive and eerie feeling. What a relief it was to get back into men's clothes.

The beauty industry is a real beast.

Michael said...

The ads are very smart and will be the beginning of a lot of similar veined ads for any number of things featuring “curvey” women.
But let’s not get excited into thinking that there is any altruism involved.
There is a pendulum that swings back and forth on what defines “beautiful” for women. These meme trends are both pushed and ridden to the max by ad agencies.
It’s a simple fact Queen Latifah is hot right now and Dove is simply the first cosmetic company to ride/push the “curvey” meme.
In a couple years some anorexic girl will capture our attention and presto the pendulum will swing back the other way.