Friday, July 19, 2002

Welcome Steve

More musicians, yeah! hoot hoot!

Mike's Spot On The Wall:

  • My cousin is getting married this weekend. I'm very happy for her. Carol and I are volunteering to do the photography.

Mike's Walk:

  • Romans 7:19 For what I do is not the good thing that I desire to do; but the evil thing that I desire not to do, is what I constantly do.

    sigh, My spiritual sobriety didn't last very long. The hardest thing to do after you fall and you realize that nothing will undo a mistake is to get back up again.
    The blood covers me so that I don't reap what I deserve but there are ripples of consequence that may never heal.

  • On the good side after looking at Dave's link to the True North cartoon page I decided I would look for one that I enjoyed a long time ago

    And Thophilus was still there and it spoke to me about my issues.

    These are the ones that helped: Sketch's Secret Sin and Turning Point gave me hope.

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