Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Blog Notes

OK some quick notes.

added a comment system from enetation Not because of the hords of people not emailing me about my posts, but so that the Three of us (soon to be four I hope) can post questions to one another. Anyone else is free to join in the comments as well. I still need to sync up the two templates. Steve pushed me over the edge on the comment system when we talked last night. He also promised a blog on Abba. Really!

Mike is Back :)

Check out the powered by Tim's logo on Kevin Frank's site. Should we add it to the list at the bottom, let me know in the comments.

Next week I will rename ideola to IdeaJoy. ideola isn't exactly unique on the web were as IdeaJoy is. I'll make the change on Sunday. The new url will be Ideola was of course the name of Mark Heard's short lived one man band. He did the album Tribal Opera under that name. I've been a Mark Heard fan ever since I got my hands on Tribal Opera back in 1987.

More change to come ...


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