Sunday, July 07, 2002

OK I'm jadded, about a lot of things. One of the things I can be jadded about is the spiritual need of our culture. I know it's there, it's just hard to think anyone else knows it's there. We got a new pastor today, and he started his sermon with Stillness of Heart by Lenny Kravitz. Here the last verse and the chorus:

Where's the love?
What is this world we live in?
Where's the love ?
We've got to keep on giving
Where's the love ?
What happened to forgiving ?
Anyone ?

All that I want is
Stillness of heart
So I can start
To find my way
Out of the dark
And into your heart

The quip "If Jesus is the answer, what was the question?" always bugs me, perhaps because I don't have a quick one line answer. So here's Lenny Kravit asking the question, and it seems obvious to me that Jesus is the answer. That makes me a little less jadded.

Looking to the week ahead, I'm glad Mike will be back, I've missed his spot in the blog.


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