Saturday, June 01, 2002

Just a quick post, Must say I love Mike's page. That made my day :) Mike you will have to post here when you update the page, or get news about it (stats, awards, you know, whatever) I'll add your page to the recomended list.

I've told just about everyone that would listen that my goal for this summer is to do 1000 km on my mountian bike (it's a brodie) As of yesterday (May 31) I'm at 185 km on my CAT EYE ENDURO 2. I did 26 km before getting the bike computer installed, for a total of 211 km. My goal was 250, but I'm still happy with that. So for June I want to do 250 plus make up the 39 short fall. I'm doing 13 km a day, each time I ride to work. I'll update my progress again at the end of june.


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