Sunday, June 09, 2002

From the gee that makes me feel old dept. After giving Mike’s page a couple of spins, I’ve been checking up on some favorite bands at The Choir has new box set covering the first 20 years.

20 years! I guess that mean’s they’re not the Youth Choir any more. I’ve been listening to The Choir since Jr. High School. That’s over half a life time a go now. Oh well at least I wasn’t a Michael Jackson fan in the 80’s :)

Speaking of favorite bands on here’s a quick list
Michael Fox - Cause he’s my friend! And because his art is honest and raw and touches me in away only the art of close friend can
The Choir – smart honest music/poetry about life, love and faith
77’s – Rock and Roll about ...
Daniel Amos, DA – the real old men of Modern Alternative Christian music :) Creative, funny, and deep, oftern all at once. You’ve got to love thease guys.
The Lost Dogs – Guys from the Choir, 77’s and DA do country rock.
The Echoing Green – I first heard these guys on, Thier CD SuperNova kicks! It’s great power techo pop with an energitic message to match
Via Voce - Friends of the Echoing Green, an unpretensious alt rock band.


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