Sunday, June 30, 2002

Another month done. Wow time flies when you are keeping track. Just wanted to post that I have met my primary biking goal of 250 km for June. I was at 211 km at the start of the month and I'm now at 470 km, so I did 250 + 9 km. That mean I'm running a 30 km deficit so far this year.

One of the reasons I obsess so much about riding is that I find it's my one time to reconnect with nature. For instance I stopped on the way back from church and sat on bench overlooking Fish Creek park. I saw ducks take off from the creek and deer crossing the creek. Truly amazing considering this is smack in the middle of suburban Calgary. I've been more aware of the role nature plays in my spiratual life since reading Soul Survivor by Philip Yancy, reconnecting with nature is a sub theme that shows up a couple of times in the book.


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