Thursday, August 31, 2006

Passed 300 Cars today

A head wind and rain and it was still a good day to bike to work today. I passed at least 300 cars heading north on Elbow Drive between Southland and Glenmore Trail because of this:
AM770 CHQR - A traffic nightmare for motorists in southwest Calgary began Wednesday night. Northbound 14th Street had to be shut down Heritage Drive and 75th Avenue, after a tractor trailer unit crashed into the pedestrian bridge in that area at about 9:15pm Wednesday. Director of Roads for the City of Calgary, Mac Logan, says the bridge suffered major structural damage, and may have to be torn down. He says engineers will try to determine the best way to fix the bridge, but he adds it will be closed to pedestrians for several months.
Elbow drive is the next north/south road way east of 14th Street so it was getting a ton of extra traffic this morning. I was able to use the side walk for those blocks and passed cars that were just sitting there or moving 15 km/h for a few seconds at a time.

- Peace

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kris said...

I heard it was pretty bad. Col. Ratcliffe parked at Heritage Pk and walked to work.

Congratulations on the kms.