Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Barnyard: a review

Somewhere in the multiverse there is a dimension between fisher price world and the Far Side; a world where cows have opposable thumbs and two genders: cow and man cow. Bull is an distant cousin of some form. In this world is a Barnyard where a Lion King / Batman story arc takes place - cause it's a story that gets played out in every world. Barnyeard is laugh out loud funny in places, there's some brilliant product placement, many sight gags, a pun or two and a couple of politicaly incorect comments. It's a good set of gags and animation wraped around a well worn story. The kids at the preview enjoyed it and I wasn't the only adult laughing. It was more fun than Super Man Returns and about as deeply spiritual.

And yes I got two free tickets to see this movie.

- Peace

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