Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It's Nice to be the Hero

Kim need to pick something up at a store and I stayed in the Element. There was a black Jetta parked in front of me. The Jetta started to roll forward. It took me a second to prorcess that it was empty and rolling towards two women packing their car. Of course a rolling car makes litle noise and the women had their backs to the car. I started to beep my horn rapidly and the women took notice and jumped out of the way of the Jetta. There was no harm done to either car, but bumpers are desinged for such things, legs are not.

OK so it's hero in the totaly no risk to the hero sense of the word. Still it felt nice.

- Peace


Michael said...

You're always a hero Dave
God just wanted to show you that "S" on your chest we see all the time.

kris said...

I'd love to see a movie about a superhero who goes around town alerting people of danger by honking his horn. I'm not sure you could get a whole movie out of it but it would make a great sketch.

Maybe if the Space Channel has another reality show about becoming a comic book superhero you should try out. The endorsements from Honda could be huge.

Just think from now on you'll never have to go shopping with Kim again. You'll just have to mention what would have happened if you went in on this day.

Kudos for the quick thinking.