Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Originally uploaded by Kevin Saff.
Well I think a good time was had by all. Not sure how you sum up a weekend road trip ... but Kevin saw his first northern lights and captured some fantastic shots.

LT introduced us to his pasion for the house church movement
We also met his wife and family.

Need to find URLs for the wonderful guys we met this weekend.

We talked, we ate, we listened to music, we drove.

I'll be posting pics soon.

- Peace


Jadon said...

Hey Dave. Mine is http://mindismapping.blogspot.com


CWG said...

Hey Dave
It was great hanging out with you last weekend. Had some good laughs and I really enjoyed "listening to your banter with the guys. I hope we will have mmore opportunities to hang out. Maybe I'll pop by your church somtime.
Take care

Linea said...

I would have liked to be there but alas I had other responsabilities. Maybe next year.

So it sounds like mostly guys - any women besides Carol? We really shouldn't let that happen.