Tuesday, June 13, 2006

10 000 KM of Blogging

OK so I know Kilo Meters is a strange way to measure blogging, but I've been loging my bike KM since the second month of blogging. Started back on June 1st, 2002, my goal for the year was 1000 km, in 2003 it was 1200 km. I started 2004 with a goal of 1600 KM and did 3200 km. Last year I hit 3500 km. So tonight as I headed out from work I passed the 1100 km point for 2006. I can now say for certain that I've blogged my 10 000th KM. I'm hoping that somtime before 2016, I'll be able to say I've blogged enough KM to have taken me around the world - 40076 KM.

- Peace

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