Saturday, June 24, 2006

Brodie Ridder No More

My knees have been bothering me so I extended my seat post on my bike. Problem is I forgot to double check the min line on the seat, I had over extended it. Not good Friday on my commoute through Fish Creek Park, the top part of my frame snapped while I was ridding on some single track. I wipedout into the grass. Some scrapes and sore muscels for me, but the bike frame is toast. I've had two previous Brodie frames die on me, but this one was clearly my fault. Glad it died in the park and not in traffic.

Been ridding Brodie since 1997 but they don't make 20.5 inch frames any more and I'm looking for something bigger. Was thinking about a custom frame, but that will take a while. In the meantime I'm getting a Scott 21" Reflex 20 frame via Pedalhead Edmonton. And yeah they need to update their web site.

June has been a near write off for ridding: rain, hail, a broken shift cable, rim cut tire, two bike computers one died the other lost and one dead frame. sigh.

- Peace


Michael said...

Sorry about your bike Dave.
Just the fact that you ride every day (or nearly) makes you a braver man than I am Gungadin.

RealGuy556 said...

Hey man, look into the Specialized frames, they have 21 inch.


Michael said...

Giant makes some pretty big frames (up to 22" on some frames) and they are bulked up for us larger guys :)